We have the honor to invite you for the XV Annual Postgraduate Course on Reconstructive Surgery of Aortic Valve, Aortic Root and Mitral and Tricuspid Valves. Stentless aortic root bioprostheses and aortic valve repair became a new standard in aortic surgery. New techniques and new opportunities that can be offered to the patients require high skills of the surgeon and high level of multidisciplinary expertise. Mitral valve repair, for example, became a gold standard regardless of its etiology.

Our workshop gives a chance to actively participate in operation of both aortic valve replacement with stentless root bioprostheses and aortic valve and root repair as well as getting in touch with current state of the art of aortic arch reconstructive surgery.


You will have an opportunity to meet our guests, widely recognized experts in aortic and mitral surgery and to deal all by yourselves during wetlab.

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We sincerely hope that these two days will allow us to spread new ideas which will enrich your cardiac surgery armamentarium.

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Course Director: Professor Marek J. Jasinski FETCS, MD PhD