Monday, 30.03.2015

Aortic Valve /Aorta Reconstruction

08:30 Opening M. A. Deja, M. J. Jasiński
08:30    Pre - and perioperative ECHO assessment with 3D Echo P. Pysz/ M. Mizia 
09.00     Aortic Fundamentals part I – Choice of treatment                         M. J. Jasiński
10:00    Operation 1: Stentless modified implantation                   M. A. Deja
11:00 Genetic syndromes associated with thoracic aortic diseases  M. Malinowski
12:00 Aortic surgery- cerebral protection and its monitoring                  M. Kolowca
13:00 Operation 2: BAV Repair                                                                M. J. Jasiński       
14:00 Operation 3: Stentless root implantation                                        U. Rosendahl
15:00 Why Aortic reconstruction - contemporary results                         M. A. Deja
16:00 Alternative arterial cannulation                                                      A. W. Sosnowski
17:00 Aortic Fundamentals - part II                                                            M. J. Jasiński
Tuesday, 31.03.2015

Operation 4: Aortic Root reconstruction: BAV and Valsalva reimplantation (prerecorded)                                   

M. J. Jasiński

A systematic root annulus and cusp management biscupid aortic valve repair

M. J. Jasiński
11:00 Operation 5: Aortic root Reconstruction - TAV and Valsalva reimplantation (prerecorded)                      M. J. Jasiński

Wet-lab – Implantation of kseno, homograft, Valsalva graft, Mitral repair- rings, bands, frigid, flexible